Henlo my dude. I'm Jess.

I write stories that make you fist pump.

The Current Library - J.D. Astra

Viridian Gate Online: Firebrand

Fantasy VR LitRPG Series

3 Books: Complete


Urban Fantasy LitRPG Superhero Series

2 Books: Incomplete (1 remains)

Bastion Academy

Post Apocalyptic Cultivation Series

3 Books: Incomplete (2 remain)

Cool New Thing Coming Soon!

Cool New Thing Coming Less Soon!

Cool New Thing Coming In A While!


Viridian Gate Online: Side Quests

Fantasy VR LitRPG Anthology

Story: The Taking Of Rowanheath

Rogue Dungeon: Expansion Pack

Fantasy LitRPG Anthology

Story: Treatos and Snoozers

The Legacy Library - J.D. Harpley

Here there be very old novellas and short stories published under a different name... Ye hath been warned of the quality...

Verge of Desolation

Fantasy Isekai Multiverse Series

2 Books: Incomplete (1 remains, but who knows if I'll ever write it...)

Earth's Peril

Hard Sci-Fi Alien Invasion Series

1 Book: Incomplete (2 remain, one is half written... I might finish this series.)

UnCommon Origins

Fighting Monkey Press Anthology

Story: Fringling

Sci-Fi Horror

Young Explorer's Adventure Guide 2017

Dreaming Robot Press Anthology

Story: The First Dawn of Earth

Sci-Fi Drama (for kiddies)

UnCommon Minds

Fighting Monkey Press Anthology

Featured Story: Inamorata

Cyberpunk Horror/Drama

Wanna talk to me? Email: contact@astralscribe.com