It's me... Jess!

If you're here, you'd like to know more about me than what you found in the sidebar. That's awesome! I can't imagine why anyone would want to know more about me, but here you are, so let me tell you. I'm 28, work for a video game studio, and write, climb, cook, and read every spare chance I get.

From an early age I was in love with the written word, and space - the final frontier. I've always had a flair for horror, and gore, perhaps due to the fact that I've brushed with death multiple times. Almost crushed by a 60lb window when I was 4, serious car accident when I was 6 (I was the driver of said vehicle), nearly choked to death on candy two weeks later (mother had to stick her hand down my throat to remove it!), and two additional life threatening car accidents.

The summers I spent at my father's house were always reading books, writing, and watching The Fifth Element on repeat. Oh... and Descent 2. Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I can still see those halls. Check the killer graphics!
Damn, I loved that game.

Though totally random, here's quite an embarrassing little fact about me. I loved Star Trek when I was a kid, still do. My bath would always be wrapping up right as The Next Generation was coming on and if my mother wasn't quick to dry and dress me, I would run around the house singing along to the theme song, stark naked.

See, you're getting to know me already. A few other things that might be important information; I typically curse like a sailor, not sure how I've made it this far into my biography with only a damn. I'm fairly hard to offend, you need to really cross a line with me to elicit a negative response. My friends and family are everything to me, and my freedom. That's really about all there is to it.

I hope you like my blog and the content I post here. If not, feel free to bitch and moan anywhere you like.

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