Thursday, November 19, 2020

Something about November - Time to catch up again...

Hey my dudes. Not sure what happens in November but it seems I remember this site exists near the end of the year.

WELL... I'm gonna do my best not to forget come January 1st.

OKAY Let's get you up to date really quick:

  1. I quit the 9-5, forsaking dollar bills in favor of fueling my soul. I mean I still need dollars to like eat and pay bills, so if you're interested in what I'm working on, you can support me by buying my stuff on Amazon (J.D. Astra) or consider being a lifeline on Patreon.
Well that's it, you're all caught up 😂😂

Just kidding. I'm working on some pretty cool stuff right now called Bastion Academy, and I have two books in a LitRPG Superhero series (third and final to come sometime next year) called Zero.Hero. Bastion is definitely my best series so far, and I really love writing it. Having a great time and hope to write at least five or six books in this series. You can find Bastion Academy on Royal Road if you'd like to read the unedited version for free.

I'll keep it short and sweet my dudes, that's what's up for now. Join my mailing list for more detailed/advanced information, or consider dropping me a fiver on Patreon to get all the hot goss before it comes here.

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